Friday, April 03, 2009

My head is all stuffed up

I drew first blood.

The L-couch is awesome, in a semi-firm velvety way. Finally, there's a place to sit and chill at Marshall's. After spending the whole day outside on Saturday, absorbing everything from pollen and spores to car exhaust, I decided to bike over there to have some wine and relax. My head is all stuffed up, and the pressure was like a vice clamped on my head and turning ever slowly. Then there were the random violent coughs. It sounds bad, but I didn't feel defeated. Anyway, we put on Minority Report to test out the projection screen on the wall and it turned out much better than I had anticipated. After a putting down some wine and such, my body was starting to shut down, one function at a time. It started with my legs and back which made me adopt the laid back, lounging tilt mode. Eventually, it got to my eyes and I started to fade out of consciousness¦with a wineglass in my hand. Did I mention the random violent coughs? Yep¦you got it, red wine all over me and the new couch - good thing I always pour a small amount. With Martha Stewart-like savvy, Marshall got some cold, white wine to clean up the spill. We proceeded to wipe down the couch like it was a baby seal covered in fine crude oil. The whole time I'm thinking if Aaron was here, he'd have mentioned about his foresight on wine accidents and cat damage to the couch. To which I would respond, it's like betting on me to step on shit in the barns.

The spill area on the couch was hardly noticeable last night for the Sopranos, but there was a darker shaded area like suede getting wet. It's a good thing Marshall decided to throw down the extra bucks so he can summon the couch stain patrol whenever necessary.

Otherwise, it was a weak but beautiful weekend. I'm just on the edge of being sick, but well enough to be able to go outside to enjoy the weather and kick this city of politicians right in the lumbar. This Chinese herbal tea I'm drinking now should allow me to use my kung fu in three days.